Luthier Services

Is your instrument broken?  Do the frets buzz?  Is the intonation off?  Do you need new strings?  Other issues?  We can help!

Instruments can be dropped off and picked up at Bill's Music Shop. 

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  • Works on all stringed instruments - acoustic and electric.
  • Set up new instrument – just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s ready to play.  Set up is based on individual’s playing style.  Action on new fretted instruments is generally high which equals difficulty in playing.  Makes sure the instrument is set up to play properly – intonation, fret buzz, tuning, etc…
  • Repairs from major to minor
  • Fret buzzing
  • Loose bridge pins
  • Change from right handed to left handed
  • Loose tuners
  • Cosmetic issues – scratches, cracks, etc
  • Action too high or too low
  • Re-stringing
  • Use of proper tapered bridge pins for each instrument
  • Broken neck/broken head
  • Build new
  • Restore old instruments
  • Fix cases
  • Install pick-ups
  • Install strap buttons
  • Install banjo 5th string capo pins
  • Electrical issues
  • Tuning peg issues
  • Regular maintenance
  • Structural repair
  • Estimate given before repairs are done
  • Services done via Bill’s Music Shop
  • All work done locally
  • Very experienced
  • Write-up given with all work done